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Trade Controls 2021

3 March 2021

Virtual Workshop

The workshop provides a basic insight into aspects of including:

What to do in practice
o Know Your Customer
o Procedures
o Records
Legal Expectations
o Chemical Weapons
o Drug Precursors
o Explosive precursors
o Dual Use
GB Regulatory Update
o What security measures should be in place
o Site security
o Personnel security

Why attend?
In the current climate companies need to increase vigilance within the supply chain they service, to reduce potential risks to their reputation and/or prosecutions from the misuse of a chemical they supply.

This workshop is aimed at supporting existing or potential Compliance/Liaison Officers to implement the legal requirements detailed in the CBA Code of Conduct on trade controls for chemicals.

The seminar will explain the code, its rationale and provide the detail to guide participants through their obligations and requirements of the legislation. It will also update delegates regarding the regulatory changes following the end of the transition period and the UK exiting the EU.

Who should attend?
The seminar is suitable for personnel responsible for the security of the sales of chemicals.

It will be useful to Liaison officers and those specifically responsible for performing COC risk assessments.

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