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UK REACH DUIN Online Clinic

UK REACH DUIN Online Clinic

23 June 2023


When the UK indicated it was to leave the European Union it also announced that it would retain all of the legislative processes implemented whilst we were part of the EU. The EU REACH regulation was one of these regimes retained and the process of amendment was begun to make the regulation
fit the UK context.

The Chemical Business Association (CBA) has been an integral part of the chemical sectors advocacy effort since then, that has resulted in DEFRA agreeing to investigate an alternative registration model, extend the registration deadlines and keep open certain processes that were due to close on specified dates.

UK REACH is based on the EU system with a few notable exceptions. There were a few new terms
and processes included to protect the existing supply chains and allow the chemical industry to
function while the transition between the two regimes occurs, such as grandfathered registration
and Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN).

The level of questions received by the CBA helpdesk indicate there is still some confusion regarding
some of the terms and processes, specifically DUIN, and what actions can or cannot be carried out
when organisations have undertaken a notification, especially in relation to company and supply
chain changes.

This short clinic is designed to explain:

• Explanation of The Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN)
• Change of supply source of your product
• Acquiring company/order book with existing DUINs
• EU companies holding DUINs via OR

This is the latest in our ongoing series of ‘Online Clinics’ and ‘Best Practice Workshops,’ part of our
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