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3 November 2020

Virtual Workshop

The Seminar will cover the following aspects:
·        Notification process
·        Registration
·        Authorisation
·        Restriction
Impacts and issues
·        Northern Ireland Protocol
·        Polymers
·        Only Representatives
·        Importing into UK
·        Exporting to EU
How to prepare

Why attend?

(EU) 1907/2006/EC known as “EU REACH” has been ‘copied across’ into UK law and the new Statutory Instrument (SI) shall be enacted at the end of the transition period.  UK preparations have been underway for a number of years, due to the various aborted deadlines, but specific details are still scarce.

Companies that do not have any obligations under EU REACH may discover UK REACH will change how they need to manage chemical portfolios within the UK and Europe. Then there is the fact that Northern Ireland will remain part of EU REACH after the end of the transition.

Preparation is key to avoiding supply chain disruptions.

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