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Writing Procedures – Current Best Pr…

Writing Procedures – Current Best Practices

6 October 2023

Hybrid - Online / Crewe


Procedures are business critical documents for any organisation. They:

  • Record and define how tasks and activities are done to ensure they are undertaken safely, repeatably and consistently.
  • Are foundational in the training of new personnel, and if written well will reduce the time taken for them to become competent, so reducing costs.
  • Should capture current best practice for the business and any lessons learnt, becoming a repository for knowledge and experience, preventing problems from repeating and guarding against loss of knowledge.

This course will consider procedures:

  • In the wider context of other business systems, how they sit with training and competence documentation
  • In how best to format and write procedures, what sorts of information should be included and how to lay out the document.

This is an interactive course which encourages discussion and exploration of the concepts through exercises and activities. Our trainer has been promoting and implementing Lean style Standard Operation Procedures in the process industries for nearly two decades and brings a wealth of experience to course.

The course agenda includes:

Introduction to Procedures

  • How are they viewed – common shortcomings and issues

Principles of Procedures

  • Philosophy
  • Supporting documents
  • Types of information contained in procedures

Best practice format for procedures

  • How to lay out and format a procedure
  • How to read a procedure
  • How to decide where a procedure starts and finishes

Procedure style guide – how to write well

Why don’t people follow procedures

  • Human failures – why things go wrong
  • Human reliability – techniques to get things to go right
  • Job Aids

The bigger picture – Takt Time, Standard Work & other documentation

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