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CBA News

CBA Industry Award Winners Announced

27 April 2018

The Chemical Business Association (CBA) has awarded its annual Responsible Care awards that recognise excellence by its member companies in the operation of its industry-wide programme to promote year-on-year improvements in health, safety, security and environmental management.


Brexit analysis predicts chemical industry contraction

20 March 2018

The Chief Executive of Chemical Business Association (CBA), explained to Chemistry World the specific problems faced by the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in particular to the problems in conforming with EU regulations.


Supply Chain Trends March 2018

12 March 2018

ORDER BOOKS AND SALES TURN POSITIVE, MARGINS UNDER PRESSURE Order books, current sales, and sales margins have all turned positive since the last CBA Trends Survey in November 2017 – but there is little momentum behind the outlook for sales during the next three months and sales margins continue to be under pressure.



5 March 2018

The Chemical Business Association (CBA) welcomes the Prime Minister’s commitment ‘to explore the terms on which the UK could remain part of EU agencies such as those that are critical for the chemicals, medicines and aerospace industries.’ The Prime Minister said that the UK would negotiate ‘associate membership’ of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).


ECHA publishes a news letter on making registering chemicals simpler with the IUCLID Cloud

1 March 2018

A letter on supporting SMEs having to register chemical substances by the 2018 REACH deadline was published on 1st March 2018.


Downward trend for order books, sales, and sales margins

13 November 2017

Order books, current sales, and sales margins have all shown a downward trend over the last three months according to the Chemical Business Association’s (CBA) latest Supply Chain Trends Survey.


On the Brexit Lauchpad

6 October 2017

As the legislative countdown to Brexit begins, Peter Newport, Chief Executive of the Chemical Business Association (CBA), highlights some of the key objectives of the UK’s independent chemical supply chain.


CBA urges UK goverment to adopt REACH into national law

27 September 2017

The UK Chemical Business Association says the pragmatic and most cost-effective way forward for chemical policy after Brexit is for Britain to adopt REACH, CLP and biocides legislation into UK law "on exactly the same institutional, functional and legislative terms as they are currently operating".



15 June 2017

The distributor member companies of the Chemical Business Association (CBA) delivered a steady year-on-year health, safety, and environmental performance in 2016 according to the latest Indices of Performance Report